dark kitchen

3 operations. 1 deal


Operation 1 -

Delivery-only operation, to reduce the

investment and fixed costs.

In addition to partnering with the main sales channels

like Ifood and Uber Eats,   also has its own Delivery, for customer loyalty and tax reduction.

It has exclusive blends of açaí from a special harvest, in addition to

from being a stock to the operation 2.

Operation 2 -

Operation focused on selling the B2B and B2C product, 

with 5l and 2l boxes. 

Entrance to restaurants and large markets are included,

enabling high revenue and customer loyalty

for the delivery operation.

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Operation 3 -

Operation focused on major events.

Partnership with shows, inns, gastronomic spaces, etc...

Strategy focused on customer loyalty, always seeking

present the product differences.